“My Teacher, My Hero” this is the simple yet very meaningful saying to all the teachers around the world. One month before the World Teachers Day, the SSC officers headed by the SSC adviser Mr. Jocen Angeles, SSC presidents Ruem Delilan as well as the students of Silay Institute were hectic preparing to give tribute to all the teachers of Silay Institute. The said event was held at the S.I. Quadrangle last October 03, 2013. The SSC was prepared surprise number like Teacher look alike and that was choreograph by yours truly, there was also a slideshow where all of the students give their message to their respective teachers. One of the numbers presented was the poem of Paul Perez and it was made by yours truly as well. The SSC also prepared a raffle were Miss Detera, Mr. Abellar and Mr. Sazon luckily got the prize. But what caught my attention was when all of the students give their simple gifts yet heartily given to their teachers. after the program all the teachers proceed to the AVR for the Dinner were all the teachers were surprised by the dinner prepared by the SSC officers.
By: Chat